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Jo Jobling Photography | Wedding Photography Dubai
Jo Jobling Photography | Wedding Photography Dubai
Jo Jobling Photography | Wedding Photography Dubai

The best thing I could possibly do in this life is what I'm already doing.

         How lucky am I to wake up to my dream job each day?

 natural light creative photography
based between the uae and uk  


Knowing how important a First Holy Communion is and also knowing that the only time photos could be taken was between 7am and 8am in the morning on a Friday, I would have normally been hard pressed to find an experienced photographer to get herself out of bed on her day off at this ungodly hour and what’s more enjoy being there. Jo turned up early and, without ever getting in the way, went about taking shots of the preparations, which I would never have thought of doing, but actually is a beautiful memory of the unfolding of the day. My daughter and I now have wonderful memories captured by Jo’s expertise and experience with her camera and her innate skill to always capture the best photo possible. When I add these to the excellent profile pictures Jo took of me, which have brought endless compliments, and to the beautiful beach pictures she took three years ago of our family, which still bring endless praise by all who see it, all I can say is that I have been extremely lucky to find this extraordinary photographer, who is not only a top professional but also extremely personable to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Jo to anyone needing professional and personal events photography: Jo knows just what you want captured, knows how to go about shooting her subjects to get the best out of them and pays unusual attention to detail during the editing and in delivering.

Jo's work is timeless. We were blessed to have her capture our wedding and it was effortless to work together with her. She listened deeply to our desires and the outcome was superb. We have memories of our loved ones which really captured their personalities at their best. Our couple photography was stunning as Joe really caught us in our most genuine emotions and we will look back at these photos all our life with big smiles.

- Natasha Rockstrom
Anne Jackson - Professional Certified Life and Wellness Coach

They say you should never work with Kids or Animals, anyone that has ever owned a two year old kid knows that they are in fact animals. When I asked Jo to take our annual family pictures I knew what I was asking and I knew what potential drama was in store for us. I politely explained that mine could be a handful and she still accepted the shoot.

Jo will tell you how happy she is that cameras are so prolific and how she loves the fact that everyone takes snaps, I do just that, take snaps. Jo might even tell you that the guy with the expensive kit will possibly capture a few nice shots, probably staged and a bit dry. Again great but not really what Jo does for a living. What she almost certainly will not tell you is how much time and effort she has spent learning and honing her craft. She will not tell you that she is an artist blessed with a skill you can't buy.

Our shoot was in the desert, my kid was typical and decided he wanted everything his own way. Jo was cool and relaxed and clearly demonstrated she had once owned two very similar creatures. With a bit of careful management and lots of chocolate bribery I was confident that Jo had managed to take a few pictures that would be workable. I was wrong. What Jo had created in that fleeting one hour was a portfolio of over 30 photographs capturing not only Leo the animal kid, but his mummy and daddy at their absolute best. I simply had no idea that so many amazing moments happened in that hour and yet there they where captured forever.

Jo redefined my idea of what a photo shoot could and should be. She thoroughly deserves all of the awards and accolades she has earned. She is quite simply a brilliantly talented artist and it was our absolute privilege to have had her take our pictures.

On behalf of Leo, Katie and …


Ian Pownall
Owner / Director XYZ


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