When all is fair in love and war!

Well, let me start from the beginning.... I first met Zhineh 7 years ago when she came into the photography studio I was once working at. I remember being blown away by her energy, her zest for life, and thinking, this pocket-sized beauty was fricking awesome and someone that I would always admire. We kept in touch, we worked together occasionally, I'd bump into her and Tom at gigs and we knew each others life occurrences through social media, this brings me to Tom. Their relationship has always been admirable, their love for each other was something you'd think you would only see in movies, it was a deep and honest love and something you wouldn't think could get any better, right? Wrong. To

Bridal make-up tips – what you need to pay attention to for better photographs

So, you’ve booked your photographer, you’ve got the dress sorted, now its time to think about your wedding day make-up. First and foremost I would highly recommend booking a professional make-up artist, a pro will know how to apply make-up for the camera. Start researching the types of look you’d like to go for, you want to emphasise your eyes but you do not want to go too dark, your bridal make-up should be different to your everyday make-up. Plastering it on for the sake of the camera is a myth. Most wedding photographers will shoot your portraits in natural light so make-up that is too heavy will look obvious. You do not want to look back at your wedding photographs and not recognise the

Playing with powder paint!

I decided I would try out making some powder paint in order to experiment for a shoot. What better way to experiment than with your own little people :-) One afternoon after school, I dressed them up and let them go crazy with the powder paint, it wasn't as successful as I had imagined, it seemed a little clumpy when thrown, I probably should have dried it out for a little longer. We tried throwing glitter too which they loved! The real fun happened when my husband came home from work and they got caked in flour!!

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"In photography there is a reality so subtle that it

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