Holly, Joshua and baby Emelia

Photographing Newborn babies takes a lot of patience but it is totally worth it in the end, beautiful portraits of an amazing new life. Emelia was 3 weeks old when we took these photographs. Emelia's Mum Holly wasn't convinced she would sleep but she actually did really well! Emelia slept after a good feed and we managed to use this time to take some lovely portraits of her alone, once she woke we used the remaining time of the session taking family photographs.

My daughter turned 11!

Sooo my daughter turned 11 recently and we had a belated party this weekend with her friends. First we went to Unicorn Vibes Sweets for some ice cream, then home where I had set up a photo booth, had spent hours making props and took some fun photographs of them all! I bought some small albums for them all, printed the pics so they all have some great memories from the day! My children are both growing up so quickly, I really enjoyed organising this simple, yet fun day for her. Next up, it's my sons turn! Their birthdays are only 2 weeks apart! I recently bought some different coloured backdrops and I am really happy with how effective they have been! I also recently shot a cake smash using

Should I have a maternity photo session?

There are few subjects as beautiful as maternity photos of an expecting Mum. During my first pregnancy I was very conscious of my changing body, I took photographs of my bump every 4 weeks to document but there was no way I was going to let anyone else near me with a camera! Fast forward 11 years and one more child later I really regret not getting any photographs of my first pregnancy with my beautiful first born daughter. Pregnancy is a thing of beauty and you'll most likely only be pregnant a few times in your life (depending on how many you wish to have that is!) So why not record these moments with some photographs? I am sometimes asked "What will I do with them? I am not going to print

Mini sessions now available!

Now that the weather is beginning to cool down I am offering mini sessions for those who may not be looking for full session. This can be at a location of your choice, whether it is the desert, park, beach or even in your own garden :-)

Ilyes and Doua's maternity shoot

I love maternity sessions! It is such a special time between a couple and capturing moments like these during the calm before two become three are priceless. I don't think you can go wrong if you invest in a good maternity photoshoot, I know that when I was pregnant I didn't have one with my first but my second I did and its such a lovely memory to keep and even show your children these photographs once they are older! I first met Ilyes and Doua a few years ago when I photographed them for their "save the date" themed beach shoot. Doua being the Event stylist that she is knew exactly how she wanted the photographs to look and the theme that she wanted so when she asked me to photograph her m

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