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My Wedding!

Hooorraahhhh I have finally found some time to edit and put together our wedding photographs! We got married in June this year in Sri Lanka and it.was.amazing. We both wanted something very small with no fuss so we chose Sri Lanka, it was perfect! Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country full of peace and harmony, I have visited there before and I instantly fell in love with its people and its culture. We were there for just over a week in total and had some time alone before the kids arrived - yes Murrindie and Sands this includes you two!

I didn't have a dress until the week before we were due to fly and then this dress literally just appeared for sale online, it is Ian Stuart I LOVE it! I didn't wear shoes and we did our hair and make up ourselves so quite different to weddings you may see in Dubai :-) The boys had their shorts and shirts tailored in Dubai at Threads and Tailors.

We were so lucky with the day itself! It was monsoon season when we were there and we had rain every day except for our wedding day! The universe had aligned everything for us and I cannot even begin to explain it all but I certainly feel extremely lucky to have met my perfect man xx

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